Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Beauty Loot: Coco Manila

When I was in Baguio last week, I noticed this little tent beside the Filling Station inside Camp John Hay. I went closer and saw that it was a bunch of soaps and other beauty products.

You may strip me off my Beauty Editor title, but you can never keep me away from anything beauty related! I had to go over and check it out once...twice...three times! The soaps smelled so yummy, mostly because they were my kind of scents...chocolate, coffee cinnamon and creme brulee. I don't like overly strong smells, which is why passing by Lush always makes me gag. Individually, Lush products smell good, but when all jammed in the same place, can be overkill.

Anyway, I picked up a bar of soap, a pot of cacao flavored lip balm and Chocolate scented hand sanitizer. They also have coffee and lemongrass scented body scrubs (That now I wish I got!) as well as lotions.

Don't bother getting the lip balm, it's no good, but I love the hand sanitizer, and would love to try the heavenly smelling scrubs.

           My home girl Thea went home with more things than I did!

For now it's only available in that little stall in Camp John Hay. Hopefully closer to us soon.

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