Thursday, January 13, 2011

I don't need to see what's on the inside, Let me enjoy this cause it was all just a beautiful lie

Just another beauty blog. Yup, this is all this is.


1. I have had 9 years of experience in the publishing industry, 7 of which I was a beauty editor, 2 of which I had a beauty column and for the duration was a contributor to numerous publications and websites on the topic of beauty.

2. I am a make-up artist by profession, albeit non-practicing at the moment. I studied at the London School of Beauty in Make-up and have done editorial, advertorial, print, video, runway and bridal work. I really miss it.

3. I have tried and I have tested so many products in my lifetime, and although some are really awesome, others aren't so much---and YOU have the right to know.

Now, as a Beauty Editor, it would have been very un-PC of me to flat out say a product sucked, but now that I have my own blog, and nobody is paying me millions of pesos in advertising to say they are good, I will say what I really feel--- without being mean, of course, just REAL.

A tip to live by to end my first post:

Just because it's expensive, doesn't necessarily mean it's the best! Til next time! feel free to ask me questions too!


  1. Hey you! your old tita here..have you used mineral foundation like bare essentuals? whatcha think?

  2. I'll make this my next post! Stay tuned!


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