Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty Profile: Vicky Herrera

 Here's someone you shouldn't sleep on. She's young, beautiful and talented. Yeah, I know people like that are a dime a dozen nowadays. What sets her apart is that she is also down to earth and intelligent, with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. You hear her distinct giggle from a mile away, but this chick is serious when it comes down to business. She used to be Sarah Meier's partner in crime in the now defunct (but why?!) show The Dollhouse on U92. Oh, and did you know she's a Paredes too? That makes us cousins....Say hello to Vicky Herrera!

What's the  ONE thing you can't live without?

Vicky: Mascara. Maybelline. I'm a simple girl! But I really love how mascara brightens up your look.

What do you think is different about Filipina beauty? 
Vicky: There is a certain unexplainable warmth about Pinay beauties. I always think it comes from their heart and shows in their eyes.
What do you think about advertising for beauty products and their direct relation to how women view themselves?
Vicky: I think in some way media defines what is beautiful for the moment. But in reality the definition of beauty has changed over the centuries. (From curvy to skinny to light skinned to dark skinned to straight hair to curly hair etc.) If you listen to the changing trends you'd go crazy! What's important is setting your own definition of what is beautiful and stick to that. You shouldn't love yourself any less because you look different. In fact, love yourself even more.

 Do you think media sets an unrealistic standard for beauty?
Vicky: In some way, yes. I think people need to also see the other side of the coin. There is a whole team dedicated to making women look perfect. There is makeup, lighting, photo shop, camera angles etc. There is a lot of work in creating that perfect picture. If we start to compare ourselves on how come we don't look as perfect in reality, we will become disappointed and stop appreciating what we have. There are a lot of beautiful women I know who don't see themselves in a positive way, which is sad. Once there are more positive role models out there maybe we won't be worried about the next generation growing up insecure. Beauty also can't only depend on someone's looks. Personality, intelligence, confidence, values; they all play a huge role as well. Sometimes it can be a simple matter of how someone feels on the inside. A happy person naturally shines.

What's your take on plastic surgery?
Depends on the reason. I mean, some people need it in the sense that they went through something physically traumatic (accidents etc) and they need it. I think if you need it for a health reason then its acceptable. But if you turn to plastic surgery as a quick fix for an insecurity, I think its better to talk to someone first before you decide to get anything done. How you feel about your self.... your insecurities and issues, those feelings wont instantly go away. At the end of the day I always believe it's better to just be real about who you are.


  1. Hi Erica. Love this post. I was a fan of your food blog and found this on your twitter. Keep posting more stuff!

  2. I didn't know she's a Paredes too! So that's the reason why when I looked at one of her photos, Ala Paredes came to my mind.

    I was about to ask whether you've already featured Ala here but I just saw the link on the sidebar. Will read it! :)

    And I'm looking forward to your next posts. Thanks.



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