Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Relax: Bliss Nail and Day Spa

 My nails were in dire need of a manicure and pedicure. The past month was so busy for me that I totally just neglected them and they were a few days shy of being totally embarrassing. I'm based in the south for most of the week nowadays, but weekends are still spent in Katipunan, so last Sunday I finally got to try my friend's nail salon. Say hello to Bliss Nail and Day Spa.
I love how you feel like you are sitting in the middle Tiffany and Co. box while getting your nails done. Great color choice for the spa, it's very relaxing.
 They use mostly Essie nail polish and gave me a whole basket to choose from before starting.
I think it's noteworthy that they have lacquers that are safe for pregnant women. When I was pregnant, this whole formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free thing didn't exist yet.
 My one suggestion is to have more out of the box colors. They are very complete with the regular colors though so no worries for most people...but I'm not a normal girl lol ;p Would have loved to see more hyper colors, blues, greens, black etc.
 I chose a pinky coral for my toe nails :D (Btw, still loving my tat. Looks good after 3 years!)
And for my fingers, I used the same shade but mixed with this seafoam green shade that I brought with me that I got from Sydney.

It was an awesome afternoon and long overdue. I'm always so stressed out so a couple of hours of pampering really was BLISS.

Bliss Nail and Day spa is located at G/F Elizabeth Hall, Katipunan. Make at appointment by calling 5020257


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  2. hanks so much erica! your nails look great. my girls had a blast doing them by the way. :) more colors coming up. just waiting for the shipment. we even have the seafoam green that you're wearing. :)--pia

  3. I actually didn't notice your nails 'coz of the tattoo you have on your foot. Why did you choose that design? I hope you don't mind me askin'. Hehe, your fingernails look good in that pic. What color do you wear on them now?


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